5 Ways To Make Money Online That Work

Now that the internet has come of age, there are any number of ways to make money online. However, making a LOT of money online is not quite as simple as the so-called gurus would have you believe. It also depends on what you consider to be a lot of money. The majority of people would probably be content if they could replace their income from the day job and be able to stay at home earning the same amount of money in much less time, thus being able to have the time to do what they want to do, rather than doing what they have to do. If you are among those who think this way, then these 5 easy ways to make money online may interest you.

Be a Freelance Writer

If you can write reasonably well, one of the things that you can do is to become a freelance writer. On the internet there is a saying that “content is king”. Everyone needs content to post on their blogs, websites, newsletters, ezines and so on, but many people do not have the skills or even the time to write it. This has led to a completely new industry with websites such as iWriters.com, hirewriters.com and others fulfilling the need by bringing together writers and people who need articles written.

Someone who needs an article written will post the job on the website for interested writers to pick up and begin writing. To do this, you first have to register as a writer with the site (which costs nothing) and then select articles to write. The subjects can be quite literally anything. If you are not familiar with the subject, you can simply Google it and do some research. It’s not difficult. You get paid a few dollars and the website owners makes a living by taking a cut.

You are very unlikely to get rich doing this, but it you are good, you can probably make a couple of hundred dollars a week.

Sell Things on eBay

Another easy way to make money online is through eBay. You can start by simply auctioning off things you have around the house that you no longer have a use for. As long as it is not junk, there will usually be someone on eBay who will be prepared to buy it, albeit at a low price in some cases.

On eBay you can also open an online store selling anything you wish (as long as it’s legal and as long as eBay permits it).

You can buy from wholesalers or from manufacturers abroad, often at extremely low prices and sell at a huge mark up. You do really need to put some time into research in order to see what is selling and what is not. If sourcing for goods is your cup of tea, this can be a viable option.


By that we mean start a blog. You can start one for nothing on Blogger or WordPress.com and you can blog about anything you like. Here it would be advisable to pick a niche – and preferably one which interests you, since you are going to be writing about it a lot – which you can monetize.

Once you get a blog established you can earn money from it by putting Google AdSense adverts on your blog. Every time one of your readers clicks on an advert on your site you get paid a fee by the mighty Google themselves. If your blog becomes really popular, companies may even approach you to negotiate advertising on it.

Domain Flipping

Domain name flipping is another idea. There are a number of ways to go about this. At its most basic you can buy expired domain names that would very likely be wanted by other people for $10 or less from sites like GoDaddy auctions and then sell them on Flippa for maybe $200 or $300 within just a few days.

You can also buy up high Page Rank expired domains with very little traffic, then boost the traffic to the site over a period of a month or two to make it an attractive proposition to a would-be purchaser and again you could sell it for a handsome profit.

A word of caution though; you need to investigate the market thoroughly here – you do not want to be in a position where you have hundreds of domain names (even if they did cost $10) that are difficult to sell.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way to make money. You can create a blog or website dedicated to a particular niche and then simply promote products on Clickbank, Amazon and many other sites. You can also create product reviews and optimize them using SEO with the aim of getting the review to the top of Google and other search engines.

Alternatively, you can search for upcoming products online and write a review of those before they are ready for sale. You will have to wait a bit for your rewards for this, but the advantage is that the competition will likely be lower than for established products and therefore your blog or website will stand an even better chance of making the top spot on the search engines.

So there you have 5 easy ways to make money online. Certainly they all involve a bit of time and effort, but since there is no such thing as a push button income, one of these is probably the next best bet.