Affiliate Marketing Success Starts With Choosing The Right Product

More and more people are buying digital products online. Just a few years ago, lots of folks wouldn’t shell out their hard-earned cash for a (let’s face it) fancied-up PDF file, but it’s common today. That means there’s no time like the present to make money online with affiliate marketing. So, when you’re surfing around on ClickBank or Commission Junction, how do you decide which product to promote? Most of your success depends on this decision. It takes more than just a pretty cover!

Is It Popular?

Is the product a popular product? If it is, then that’s already a plus. If it’s already selling before you start promoting it, that tells you that it’s got to be pretty good. Sometimes it’s a little risky picking one that’s brand new because you don’t know at the outset whether it’s going to sell or not. If people are already making sales with it, that’s good; but watch out – if there are too many sites already promoting it, that means tough competition for you.

What Is Your Cut?

Generally the product owner sets the commission levels. It should at least be half of the sale price. You’re doing a lot of the grunt work, so you should get compensation for that work. However, it also depends on how much the product costs. Sometimes it can be worth your while to take a smaller commission; just do the math first. If a product sells for $597 and you get 30% of that, you still get $179 per sale. If you could sell a few of those it’d be nice, but at 50% you’d get $299 which is even nicer. Don’t forget that your time, energy, and leads are worth a lot too.

Is It A Quality Product?

Every person has different thoughts about this. I personally wouldn’t promote anything I don’t think is a quality product. It’s a moral issue for me. If a product’s basically crap, even if it’s selling well I wouldn’t touch it. It helps me sleep better at night. I’m also concerned about my online reputation – if you start hawking junk, you’ll be known as a junk hawker. But I know that not every affiliate marketer out there is in it for the long-term. If you want to make sites for a quick buck, then I guess it’s not so important. But to some extent, a good product will sell itself.

Is It A Legal Product?

Of course I don’t think you’re going to be promoting products on the black market. What I mean by this is, does the product do something that is underhanded or questionable? If the product uses white hat techniques (or techniques that are completely legit on the internet) then it’s generally something I would promote assuming it met my other criteria.

Does It Have A Good Sales Letter?

Always look at the product’s web page. Read through the sales letter, or watch the video sales letter. If by the end of it you feel curious to know more about the product and you feel like you would actually buy the product, the sales letter is good and it would be OK to promote this product. On the other hand, if you feel no stirring of emotions or the impulsive urge to buy, I’d probably move on to a product with a better sales letter. After all, no matter how good the product is, if the sales letter doesn’t convert it will do no good sending leads to the website.

Finding products to promote online can be a long process, however you shouldn’t take it so seriously that you avoid taking action. What I mean is, don’t spend all day shopping for products instead of building sites. Once you’ve got a good product chosen, get to work and get some sales. Once you’ve got some cash rolling in, move on to the next one. And then the next, and then the next… and so on until you’ve got your own digital product empire!