Successful Marketing Strategies Everyone Should Be Using

Genius is sometimes defined as the ability to make the complex simple. Certainly, “marketing” is a complex subject; so complex it’s very difficult for many business people to ever get a handle on it. Its complexity is intimidating. After years in “marketing”, I’ve finally found a definition of “marketing” that reflects the genius of simplicity. Marketing is simply making the right presentation of the right message to the right people.

With that simple definition as a guide, just about every businessperson can clearly see his past errors, and do a more effective job of marketing in the future.

Let’s talk about the right people first. Many salespeople and business owners have dramatically unsuccessful experiences with direct-mail and with tele-marketing for this simple reason: they’re mailing to or calling the wrong people! Who are the right people? Prospects who most closely match the demographics of your good, established customers and/or your desirable customers. “Demographics” refers to statistical, lifestyle and preference information about people.

The best way to explain it is through example:

Let’s say you’ve got a restaurant, a small retail store of some kind or a service business – maybe a hairstyling salon. Your business is doing well, but could do much better. A good first step in seeking new customers would be to find out as much as possible about your existent customers, in search of demographics that might help you in the pursuit of new customers. For example, you might discover that the majority of your customers live within an x-mile radius of your business. Or, you might discover that the majority of your customers drive late-model compact cars…have Mastercards and Visa cards…subscribe to a certain magazine…are between the ages of 25 and 40…are married. Armed with this information, you can obtain a mailing list, or compile a mailing list, of prospects who closely match the characteristics shared by the majority of your customers. You might, for example, get a mailing list of all the subscribers to FAMILY CIRCLE MAGAZINE, who are between the ages of 25 and 40 and who live within a 50-mile radius of your business. Is such a list available? You bet! You might get another list of Mastercard and Visa cardholders, who are married and live within a 50-mile radius of your business.

This is generally called LIST SELECTION and many direct mail experts believe it to be the single, most important factor in success or failure with a direct marketing campaign. I happen to agree, and firmly believe that money spent in obtaining the best possible list is more than recovered via savings on printing quantities (in direct mail) and via improved response.

If you are unfamiliar with the availability of mailing lists and with list selection, you should begin your education with a visit to the main public library in your area, to study a huge directory: Standard Rate And Data Service (SRDS). This directory provides detailed information on tens of thousands of available mailing lists and list suppliers. In your local Yellow Pages, you’ll also find list brokers under the category “Mailing List.” You should meet with several of these people before choosing to do business with one of them. You may also want to deal with national list brokers. There are a number of long-established, reputable list brokers and many of them publish catalogs of the lists they own and/or represent.

You can also compile your own list for many purposes, from local telephone directors, a “Criss-Cross Directory” that lists people by geographic area or membership directories of certain clubs or organizations. And, still another compilation method, suitable for small businesses, is through inexpensive classified advertising. I know an attorney, for example, who has this ad running continually in the “business opportunity section” of his local newspaper:

“Before you buy a business, obtain free consultation on legal issues you need to consider. Also: specialized assistance for the small business person with contracts, incorporations, partnerships, buy-sell agreements, etc. Call for FREE BOOKLET: THE SMALL BUSINESSMAN’S LEGAL QUESTION AND ANSWER GUIDE.”

He gets at least a dozen calls, every week, requesting his free booklet. These people are placed on his mailing list and receive letters and other information from his office, periodically, over a period of time. Eventually, over half of them come in for initial consultations and, again, more than half of these become clients. There are many different businesses that could adapt this idea to their needs.

So, our first of the three steps to success in direct marketing is targeting the right people to receive the message.

I also want to encourage you to use your own customer list, more often and more effectively. Most business people “miss the boat” by failing to maintain frequent contact with their customers. For one thing, it’s important to remember that someone who has purchased from you once, and been satisfied, is then predisposed to purchase from you again. Second, you do have competition to be concerned about, so there is a need to stay on the top of your customer’s consciousness – after all, out of sight; out of mind. Third, frequently communicating with customers is an appreciated form of “extra mile service.”

Here are a few ideas for communicating with customers:

For Almost Any Business:

A News-And-Idea Letter
Seasonal Greetings – avoid Christmas
Thank You Letters

For Retailers:

New Product Letters
New Sales Agent – list credentials
Preferred Customer Sale Flyers

For Service Professionals:

Reminder Notices of Service Dates
Informative Booklets/Reports

It’s been my experience that most businesses’ repeat sales can be doubled simply by making additional, more frequent contact and offers to established customers!

How Moms Can Make Money Online From Home

As a woman with children, most often than not, it is difficult to go out and leave your children while you work. With a mother’s heart, you often find yourself thinking about your children even when at the office. Sometimes, you feel tired working and you would rather want to be with your children and have more quality time with them. But simply being at home is not enough especially when you don’t have any income to feed your family, to pay your bills or to pay mortgages. In this modern world, making money from home is no longer a problem. The internet has vast earning opportunities for you moms. Learn how moms can make money online from home.

Think about being at home with your children to look after their needs while earning money at the same time that can even exceed the amount you are earning from the office. Isn’t it a great advantage? Earning money online only requires you to invest few hours in the computer and the rest; your family can have it. How to get started? Have yourself connected with the world of internet. Do some research on how moms can make money online from home. Look into internet marketing opportunities to start with. Try becoming an affiliate marketer. There are many businesses online that are looking for marketers that would help them promote their products, with handsome salaries of course. As a mom, there are many products online that for sure you are familiar with. Start from common commodities, to cosmetics, to fashion, to lifestyle, to leisure, to travel and thousand more you can even think of in a day. Internet marketing is a never ending story, giving you never ending opportunities to earn.

How moms can make money online from home if marketing is not ones passion or expertise? There’s always a room to learn. There are a lot of online trainings available for you. Online opportunities do not end up in marketing alone. You can also make money online through joining pay per click campaigns, becoming an article or web content writer if writing is your passion, or joining stock exchange market. Other online opportunities may also include online surveys, research, blogging, forex trading, accounting, proof reading, web design tutorials, general or legal transcription, typing jobs, customer service jobs, data entry jobs and whole lot more to choose from.

Now that you’ve got additional ideas, how moms can make money online from home is no longer a wandering question rather have it as a go to signal to make financial status better while at home and improve your family relationship by spending more time with them. You might have some memories in your childhood seeing your mom leave home for work. You hate that feeling for sure. Never let that happen again. You can never bring back their childhood but you can carve better future for them. You are a mother and it is your duty to nurture your children in the best way that you can. Nothing is worth more fulfilling than to see your kids grow and having you as part of their success. Come home mom.

Make Enough Money Online to Achieve Financial Freedom

Make enough money online to achieve financial freedom – financial freedom is something that everybody dreams about since they were old enough to realise what money is. This is quite interesting, because very few people ever achieve financial freedom. With the advent of the internet and all the opportunities that comes with it, more and more people are making money online and achieving financial freedom as a result.

Even though the general perception of making money online is still negative, there is a growing trend of people that make money online in ways that are both legal and ethical, meaning that more and more people are transacting online. Online powerhouses like Amazon, and more recently have gone a long way towards winning people’s trust with transacting online, making it easier for the smaller businesses to win online.

Benefits of making money online

1. You have instant access to a global market – meaning that your room for growth is virtually limitless.

2. The internet never sleeps, meaning that your products and services can be marketed around the clock.

3. Online marketing is also much more affordable than traditional forms of marketing like TV, Magazine and newspapers – if you focus on achieving high organic rankings it could be free.

4. You are in control of how much money you make – the more time and effort you put into marketing your products online, the more money you will make.

So how can you make enough money online to achieve financial freedom? Well to start with you can find something that you are passionate about and start blogging about it in your free time and slowly but surely build up your online profile before making a website that sells your products or services and using your blog to drive traffic and improving the keyword rankings of your website.

Before you know it you are ranking first on Google for your target keywords and reaping the financial benefits that comes with that. A word of caution however, do not quit your current day job until your online business is strong enough to cover your living expenses, because cashflow is one of the main reasons why start-ups fail – rather keep what you have while you build your online empire.

Do not spend the rest of your life working hard just to make others rich – start small and take active steps towards your financial freedom today by making money online off something that you are passionate about.

Can You Really Make a Million Dollars Online?

We all deserve to have all of the wealth and happiness in the world but the question is, can you really make a million dollars?

In addition, can you make a million dollars online?

There is a lot of hype on the internet. People who are pushy and present their products or sales pitch like a sweet dessert. How do you really weed out all of the junk and get to the bottom of the real deal?

You start by doing your research. Ask a lot of questions and when you get the answers, ask even more questions.

As an affiliate marketer, I can tell you the number one thing you need to do when it comes to really finding out if you can make money online is to ask questions upfront and watch to see what kind of answers you will get.

I’ve spent hours asking questions and you know what? I only got an answer from one internet marketer who was the real deal. I asked him to show me his numbers. I asked him to tell me how much money he spends in order to make money. I asked him to be upfront with me because I’m hate the hype too.

No one likes a pushy car salesman and when it comes to finding out if you can really work from home online, you must do the right research or you will end up being spun around with cotton candy ideas and won’t get very far.

Another caution: Don’t spend your money until you are sure that the people you are spending your money with has credibility. Many people who sell products online want you to whip out your credit card but in reality they aren’t credible.

You have to look for real testimonials, preferably with people in pictures and on videos. The real companies have people send in affidavits to verify their income if they are used as a testimonial. So beware of those who don’t do this or you’ll be scammed.

There is a select group of people who are really making money online in a legitimate fashion. They are doing this legally, morally, and ethically. Again, do your research and watch out for people who aren’t upfront.