Buying Beats Online – Know This Before Buying Beats Online

There are so many websites online offering beats online that sometimes it may seem overwhelming. Before purchasing beats (instrumentals) online there are a few key things you need to consider that will help filter and narrow your search for beats online.

One important aspect that a lot of the time gets overlooked by artists looking for beats online is the mixing quality of the beat. If you’re serious about introducing your music to the market you should be serious about the quality of your production. You want your music to sound great in every platform from your car radio and your mp3 player all the way to the clubs. An ingredient to success in this music industry is how you present yourself. Using a beat of low quality or with a poor mix will have you coming off amateurish. By purchasing a beat online that has been mixed well people will recognize you took the time to pay attention to sound quality and will in turn take you more seriously as an artist.

Another important aspect when buying beats online is making the process cost-effective as possible. Most up and coming artists are typically working with a tight budget and don’t necessarily have the money to shell out for instrumentals. You should look for beat websites that offer non-exclusive beats or beats you can lease. Think about it. If you’re putting together a project whether it be an album, mixtape, or demo you are going to want to record a lot of material and then have the opportunity to chose the best out of the bunch. Most quality beat websites lease their music for only $30-$50. Most producers or beat websites sell their beats exclusively as well however most can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

An important factor that a lot of artists overlook is whether the beat they have purchased contains any un-cleared samples. Most producers leave the responsibility of clearing samples contained in their beats solely up to the artist. Clearing samples is a hassle and can be costly so most artists don’t bother when including these sampled beats on their music projects. This could cause serious legal problems for you further down the line. Save yourself the headache and look for original compositions online.

This leads me to one of the most important aspects of your online beat selection process, the music itself. You may be searching through beat libraries looking for a beat that sounds like that new Young Jeezy song or that new Chris Brown for example. While there is nothing wrong with these artists and their respective music there IS something wrong with this kind of approach to selecting the right beats. It can work to your disadvantage to pick beats that are trendy and sound like the same old songs you hear on the radio.

If you really want to make it in the music business you have to develop your own sound. Today the music industry is very saturated. If you want to have a shot at any tangible success you must stand out and apart from the crowd. People respond to music that is refreshing and appealing to the ears. You may be a good lyricist or song writer but remember that means little if you do not have the instrumental to back it. Typically the instrumental is what starts the song off so it has to catch the listener’s attention and give people reason to continue to listen to the rest of your song. Find an instrumental that compliments you as an artist while giving you a unique sound that separates you from the pack. Take the steps necessary to get heard and find yourself original music production online.

If, after considering all of the things discussed so far, you have chosen a beat online before continuing on and purchasing this beat ask yourself a few questions. In addition to a professional sound quality you should make sure the beat website carries their business in a professional manner. Are the terms of purchase clearly stated? Are there any grey areas that leave you with an uneasy feeling about purchasing a beat online? Understand the terms of agreement when purchasing a beat online as some producers may try and take advantage of you. Also make sure there is an easy and safe beat delivery process after you’ve purchased the instrumental. Make sure the producer takes themselves and their craft seriously and professionally.

I also should emphasize that the top 10 beat websites or producers that show up in your Google searches or on the soundclick charts are not always the best of options. They may contain some of the aspects that have been discussed so far but they rarely hold the total package. You’re looking for websites that offer leases with the least amount of limitations, highest professional quality, most affordable prices, and a legitimate and easy purchasing process for buying beats online. Finding a website that offers all of aspects is hard to come by, but they do exist.