How To Make Money Online

Entire books have been written on the subject of making money online – I have in fact written one myself – but we will give an introduction to the most common sources for revenue in this article.

Selling a product

The Internet is a wonderfully large and diverse place. By selling a product or service on it, you will instantly become exposed to millions and millions of potential customers. Some products and service are better suited for an online business than others. If you decide to sell a physical product that does not ship easily – like certain foods, pets, ice sculptures etc – you are unlikely to make much money on the Internet. Some products are however very well suited. Products which exist only in the electronic realm – like digital pictures, software, eBooks, electronic airplane tickets, music etc are ideal for the Internet as they can be shipped to anyone who has an Internet connection. Also, such products can be shipped automatically without human intervention. When deciding to sell a product online, you need to consider if the product you are offering is really ideal for selling online. Whatever products or service you decide for, you need to make a business plan, check out your competition, look into legal matters like taxation and return policies etc.

Advertising online

Many websites rely on advertising as their only source of income. Ads come in many types and shapes and common for them is that they normally generate revenue when a visitor to the website clicks on an ad. In some cases, (a small amount of) revenue is also generated per viewing or a thousand viewings of the ad by a visitor. The revenue generated per click on ads is normally relatively low. Typically starting at a few cents, but up to even a few dollars for the right type of ads. Currently many website administrators rely on ads being provided by Google through Google’s AdSense program. These are the types of ads shown next to the legend ‘Ads by Google’. Google generates revenue for each click, and share this revenue with the website administrator. Ads are placed on webpages by contextual matching of the content of the webpage with the ads. Google reads the content of the webpage and provides ads which match this content. This means, that if the content of a webpage is such that advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money for the ads, Google will generate good revenue. And since Google’s revenue is shared with the owner of the website, the owner of the website can thus make good money on content of the right kind. Determining which content is high paying is an art in itself. Currently, good revenue seems to come from travel services, various gadgets, recruitment and much more.
As the revenue generated from advertising is relatively low and since relatively few visitors on a webpage click on ads, a large amount of visitors are needed to generate high revenue. With that, a lot of money can be made online this way.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a type of partnership between a seller of a product or service and an advertiser. The advertiser – who is said to be an affiliate of the seller – sends visitors to the seller’s website. For this the seller shares the revenue generated from sales originating from the affiliate with the affiliate. A seller typically has a large amount of affiliates. The percentage of the revenue given to the affiliate can be anywhere from a few percent up to as much as 75 percent. The benefit for the seller is that he or she needs to worry mostly about providing a good product or service and less about marketing since this is done by affiliates. The benefit for the affiliate is that he or she can make money online without having his or her own product to sell. Some affiliates have their own website, whilst others simply make money by placing ads on other websites, thereby directing visitors to the website of their choice. To make money as an affiliate, you’ll need to attract a lot of visitors.

In this article we have touched on the subject of making money online. We have described the options for selling a product and service, advertising and affiliate programs.

I wish you good luck.

Make Money Online Using PayPal

First a Little Background About PayPal

One of the biggest reasons that PayPal is so well liked by people who buy things online is because it is the preferred payment method for eBay. This is because eBay bought PayPal and push the use of PayPal on their auction website. This creates a win – win for eBay, because they make a percentage of the sell price + fees for each auction and they make another percentage + fees for the payment processing transaction. I call this double dipping, but who can argue with the Internet giant?

There is also protection of your personal information by using PayPal. When a buyer pays through PayPal, they do not need to give their credit card information. When buying digital products online that are downloaded, then the buyer does not even need to give their address or phone number. You can see why more people trust using PayPal for payment processing.

Read The Fine Print

There are few cautions with using PayPal for all of your online business. Read the fine print in the agreement that you make when you create a PayPal account. If they decide that you are doing something suspicious online, then they can put a freeze on your account and you can not use it to make sales or withdraw your money. There are horror stories all over the Internet about people that have had tens of thousands of dollars in their account when PayPal decided to put the freeze on it. It is PayPal that decides if your activities are suspicious and they do not need any proof or legal cause to put the freeze on your account.

Make Money Online Using PayPal

The first thing that most people think of is eBay, because many people have made a large amount of money through eBay. Some people even make a very comfortable living with just their eBay sales. As stated above PayPal and eBay go hand in hand, and eBay makes it very easy to use PayPal for your payment processing. You can sell all sorts of items through eBay. Look through your garage, attic or other storage areas to find things that you no longer use or no longer want. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! One of the biggest sellers is antiques and other collectibles.

You can scout out flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, or auctions to find items that may sell good on eBay. You can use resources on eBay’s website to help find items that will sell. is a great tool to see what items are selling the most and for the highest prices. An often over looked resource is, where people post the items that they are looking for. How much easier can it get, people tell you what they are looking to buy! If you have the item they are looking for, then you already have a potential buyer.

Many affiliate programs will make payment to you through PayPal. You could join affiliate programs and promote their products through special links that you get from the Affiliate Program website. When some one buys a product or service through your affiliate link, then you will receive a percentage of the sale as commission for the sale.

You can also use PayPal to process payments on your own website. You can create “Buy Now” Buttons through the Pay Pal website and then copy the code for the buttons on your website. This way when a visitor comes to your sales page, then they can make a purchase by clicking on the button and PayPal will take care of all the processing. This is a good way to sell a few items online without using a shopping cart. If you have many products or services to sell, then you may need to use a shopping cart on your website to handle the purchase, and you can still use PayPal for the payment processing.

There is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that you can download and use for free called Joomla. There are many types of plug-ins that you can also download and use for free that will add features to your website. One plug-in in particular will add a shopping cart system to your Joomla based website and it is called VirtueMart This is a fairly easy system to set up and add products to your online store front. You can set up payment processing through PayPal and a few other common payment processing companies.

As you can see it is easy to make money online using PayPal.

The Factual Truths Behind eBay Product Sourcing-Light Bulk Wholesale Drop Shipping

Without the aid of valid information and contacts, finding products to sell at online auctions or web stores can become a frustrating and unprofitable nightmare. The advantage of knowing the real facts now, can save you both time and money!

Most people seeking legitimate wholesale products online have probably heard about many an eBay success story. These are the entrepreneurs who have found reputable wholesale companies to do their business with. The problem that exists for most potential auction sellers, is finding an honest, certified source of wholesale products that are free of markup costs, and come directly from either the distributor or even the factory itself. In the real world of online wholesaling, there exists an overwhelming amount of fraud and low rent middlemen, interested only in ‘your’ money.

Most valid and reputable wholesale product suppliers require that the people they do business with actually own or operate a small business. This includes but is not limited to, the possession of a small business license needed to operate a business that sells products or wholesale items online, from their State, Province or Territory. The acquisition of such a license or permit is not difficult to obtain, and is rather inexpensive. Practically anyone can apply, and it validates the home business entrepreneur as a real viable online entity that can be trusted. The schemers who are rarely equipped to do proper business through proper channels, practically never explain this. Again this is something that isn’t obvious to most people, but is a vital, and potentially legal part of online wholesale marketing.

Failing to find genuine wholesale product sources for your online business can often mean the difference between making money, or losing it. It has been estimated by several sources that scams make up about 98% of all ‘drop ship’ and ‘wholesale’ Search Engine listings. The ability to choose between a factory authorized wholesaler and a con operation is of paramount importance to your success. One must seek out publishers of Drop Shippers and Bulk Wholesalers that are eBay Certified Solution Providers, and certified Developers that are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program. These companies actually do exist, and can supply anyone with free information to help online retailers learn more about Real Wholesale Product Sourcing, and eBay Certified solutions!

There are really only two choices involved with this equation. They are whether or not, to choose the easy fictitious road to riches, or to choose an eBay Certified, BBB backed company to do business with. You may also want to source out wholesalers on your own, but be advised and learn the truth about wholesale product sourcing and eBay light Bulk Product sales. A great site that provides free information and even a video on the subject is linked to my resource box below.

Know And Promote The Legal Rules To Stop Bullying

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that often leads to serious lasting problems; bullies deliberately hurt their victims with either words or actions. Though it can occur anywhere, it is quite common in schools. Students who are picked on or bullied often feel depressed, insecure and guilty. The worst thing is that there’s a strong link between bullying and suicide.

Know Your State Legal Rules on Bullying

Almost all American states currently have bullying laws aiming to build a safer environment for students. Everybody, including teachers, parents and the general public, should be familiar with their state rules and regulations on bullying, then only they can prevent it. Here are some best ways to promote bullying prevention strategies:

A Friendly School Environment: Addressing a bullying problem requires change. School authorities should come up with an effective plan to prevent bullying by establishing and enforcing strict rules and policies against it. Students have the right to study in a safe and friendly environment; they should always treat each other with respect, follow strict discipline and get the help and support of caring adults. If anybody violates the rules, they will have to face severe consequences like suspension or expulsion.

Educate Kids: Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids by explaining the harmfulness of bullying, the rules and regulations prescribed by the Federal Government and the importance of preventing and stopping it. Be a positive role model and teach your child good social behavior from an early age.

Communication: Communication is the key to putting a stop to bullying. Encourage kids to speak to an adult if they are bullied or see someone else being bullied. This is how they will feel more comfortable to openly discuss their problems with you. Especially in schools – the school management needs to have an adequate reporting system. They should encourage the staff and students to report any unwanted incidents. This way, they can protect their students.

Gather Knowledge About Cyber-bullying: With the advanced technology, cyber-bullying has become increasingly common. It is the use of technology (email, texts, cell phones, and social media websites) to threaten or embarrass someone. The best way to protect young people is by teaching them how to use the Internet in a safe and responsible manner. Cyber-bullying is no laughing matter – it is very important to keep the evidence and immediately report it to your local law enforcement authorities.

Promote Awareness Through Campaigns: Bullying can be reduced if proper awareness about its harmfulness is created among the general public. You can host campaigns in your community and make your local law makers explain the anti-bullying laws in easily understandable language. Use your own customized anti-bullying wristbands with awareness messages such as “Know the Rules to Beat Bullying” or “Be Strong Against Bullying” as giveaways gifts to all attendees. This will definitely play a key role in spreading your message more efficiently. You can easily get these products online – they have a variety of types, colors, fonts, sizes and styles. They are made of high quality material called silicone which is non-allergenic to skin, durable, long lasting and comfortable to everyday wear.