The Factual Truths Behind eBay Product Sourcing-Light Bulk Wholesale Drop Shipping

Without the aid of valid information and contacts, finding products to sell at online auctions or web stores can become a frustrating and unprofitable nightmare. The advantage of knowing the real facts now, can save you both time and money!

Most people seeking legitimate wholesale products online have probably heard about many an eBay success story. These are the entrepreneurs who have found reputable wholesale companies to do their business with. The problem that exists for most potential auction sellers, is finding an honest, certified source of wholesale products that are free of markup costs, and come directly from either the distributor or even the factory itself. In the real world of online wholesaling, there exists an overwhelming amount of fraud and low rent middlemen, interested only in ‘your’ money.

Most valid and reputable wholesale product suppliers require that the people they do business with actually own or operate a small business. This includes but is not limited to, the possession of a small business license needed to operate a business that sells products or wholesale items online, from their State, Province or Territory. The acquisition of such a license or permit is not difficult to obtain, and is rather inexpensive. Practically anyone can apply, and it validates the home business entrepreneur as a real viable online entity that can be trusted. The schemers who are rarely equipped to do proper business through proper channels, practically never explain this. Again this is something that isn’t obvious to most people, but is a vital, and potentially legal part of online wholesale marketing.

Failing to find genuine wholesale product sources for your online business can often mean the difference between making money, or losing it. It has been estimated by several sources that scams make up about 98% of all ‘drop ship’ and ‘wholesale’ Search Engine listings. The ability to choose between a factory authorized wholesaler and a con operation is of paramount importance to your success. One must seek out publishers of Drop Shippers and Bulk Wholesalers that are eBay Certified Solution Providers, and certified Developers that are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program. These companies actually do exist, and can supply anyone with free information to help online retailers learn more about Real Wholesale Product Sourcing, and eBay Certified solutions!

There are really only two choices involved with this equation. They are whether or not, to choose the easy fictitious road to riches, or to choose an eBay Certified, BBB backed company to do business with. You may also want to source out wholesalers on your own, but be advised and learn the truth about wholesale product sourcing and eBay light Bulk Product sales. A great site that provides free information and even a video on the subject is linked to my resource box below.